Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well well well. I had a pretty good day. Had some dinner, saw Carl to try to get him at least some sort of badge, got a lot of pictures etc. In fact, here are a few now!


At dinner. They were out of whipped cream, so Eric got a few extra strawberries.

Ganondorf from Twilight Princess. I liked his headpiece.

This is a pic of a guy taking a pic of a catgirl out by the park.

This is cool. An impromptu game of Anime Red Rover in the park by the hotel. Such as "red rover red rover let Ichigo come over." Or "let shirtless gy come over!" (he got through. ) At the end, it was the whole line crashing into the other - something that totally sounds like a huge mess of broken bones and chipped teeth, but I realized that all of these people we really loving this. And instead of violence, it ended in lots of hugs and applause.

I'm in my room watching Adult Swim now - stupid ShinChan, but I'm embarrested to say I just laughed when Shin walked back on screen after changing his clothes and said, "you just missed some good naked."

At 10:30 Soul Eater is on -- I always try to watch one new anime when I go to a con. And I just read a story in Yen Plus magazine about it so think I'll check it out. There's a witch character in there that turns out to be a cat who just knows a lot of magic. =^.^=

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