Saturday, August 30, 2008

Your cute anime fix

Holy Lord - this will give you cavities:

Leashy and Steve are here! Their costumes are awesome!!! Steve must have had one of his leathersmith friends from the SCA help him with his Link costume and Leashy is Zelda. Gotta get a pic. There is also an awesome Davy Jones from Pirates. I saw him trying to drink a glass of water through his tenticles and it was pretty hilarious.

I think it's time for my first Akito costume. pretty much just dressing in black. I'll save my kimono for tomorrow or the next day.

Gotta go to check on Bawls one more time, then over to the exhibitor hall to relieve Aaron to go to AMVs. Stay at exhibitor hall until 6 then, who knows? I should take a nap since there is a lot of late-night stuff I want to go to. Or I could just drink energy drink. I wonder how many people will get caffine poisoning from this con?

I got to talk with Donnie a bit. He's messing around the house, working on the lawn and playing with the cats. Getting them all hopped up on catnip (he replanted a catnip bush). Simple pleasures. His parents are coming for a picnic tomorrow. Can't wait to see him and the cats again soon!

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