Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cleveland email tour for my good friend James

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Hi there James --

As promised, here is a list of things to do in Cleveland when you're there:

Downtown eating / drinking:

Winking Lizard-811 Huron Rd E. Cleveland, OH 44115 (216) 589-0313 http://www.winkinglizard.com/data/content/gateway.asp
- I use to work at one of these places (the one in Lakewood http://www.winkinglizard.com/data/content/lakewood.asp - note- mine is much better! About 10 minutes from downtown @ 14018 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107-4522 Phone: 216.226.6693). Awesome beer list
Fat Fish Blue - 21 Prospect Ave E Cleveland, OH 44115 (216) 875-6000 http://www.fatfishblue.com/about.html
- Blues and Cajun
Pickwick and Frolic - 2035 E 4th St Cleveland, OH 44115 (216) 241-7425‎ http://www.pickwickandfrolic.com/Pickwick/index.html
- Fun place, don't let the dinner theater scare you. Restaurant and martini bar. Open late.
Hard Rock Cleveland - 230 W Huron Rd # 10050 Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 830-7625 - http://www.hardrock.com/Locations/cafes3/cafe.aspx?LocationID=45&MIBEnumID=3
- A chain but for Godssake, you're in the Rock and Roll City!

A little ways from downtown:
Great Lakes Brewingwww.greatlakesbrewing.com, 2516 Market Ave., 216-771-4404
- First microbrewery in Cleveland.

Here is a listing of many of the Irish pubs in town:

Other stuff:

West Side Market-1979 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH‎ - (216) 664-3386‎ huge, cool indoor market where you can buy a sandwich, raw meat, or a load of bread: http://www.westsidemarket.org/about.html
- home of the West Side Market Cafe http://www.westsidemarketcafe.com/
Zoo and RainForest -3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland, OH‎ - (216) 661-6500http://www.clemetzoo.com/
- The RainForest is worth the price of the ticket
Free Cleveland museum of art11150 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH‎ - (216) 421-7350‎ - http://www.clemusart.com/
Little Italy Neighborhood - cheepest place to eat = Mama Santos12305 Mayfield Rd Cleveland, OH 44106 216-421-2159 http://cleveland.citysearch.com/profile/7975290/
- Here is a good walking map of these streets: http://www.classactresale.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/Printable_WalkingMap_8x11.jpg
Coventry Neighborhood - http://www.coventryvillage.org/shops.html
- Home of Big Fun Toys 1814 Coventry Road Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118 http://bigfunbigfun.com/ , City Buddha http://citybuddha.com/ and more
Arabica and Phoenix http://www.phoenixcoffee.com/shop/ coffee houses are both good places to chill
Emerald Necklace- This is the park system that circles the city. http://www.clemetparks.com/visit/index.asp?ispopup=yes&action=allmap
Valley Parkway is one way to enter the parks from the West.
Michael Symon Restaurants (Iron Chef America! Lover of all things Pork! My hero!) - http://www.lolabistro.com/
One gigantic cemetery - http://www.lakeviewcemetery.com/about_lakeview.html E. 123rd Street and Euclid Avenue. They actually call it an outdoor museum. Buried here are the likes of President Garfield, John D. Rockefeller and Eliot Ness
Botanical Gardens and Glasshouse -11030 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH‎ - (216) 721-1600http://www.cbgarden.org/Visit/default.aspx?id=4050 - if you don;t get to the RainForest, you can visit the Glasshouse to warm up.
BA Sweeties Candy company - 7480 Brookpark Rd. Cleveland OH 44129 - http://www.sweetiescandy.com/ - Largest candy store in the US

I hope you get a chance to see the Rock Hall-Saturday is free so it will probably be packed.

And if you get really lost, call me, or check out the Downtown Cleveland Visitors Center

The Higbee Building
100 Public Square, Suite 100
Cleveland, Ohio 44113-2290
Located at the Southwest corner of Euclid Ave. and Ontario - Map
Phone: 216.875.6680
Email: visinfo@positivelycleveland.com

- Sarah B.

P.S. Donnie's fish is still alive.

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