Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Internet Gives Me Answers I Would Have Never Thought to Ask

Case in point:

The other night I was singing a song about Mr. Cat and Mr. Goldfish as I made dinner (a delicious turnip soup). In the back of my mind, I do things like this, alone, in my tiny 400 sq. foot home, imagining that I'm being filmed for a YouTube video. Okay-first off, yes. I'm crazy. But secondly, I started to think, "Hm. I wonder if Lil Pouches (the goldfish) really is a Mr.?"

Would I have even thought of looking up the answer to this question at any other time in my life? Would I even have been composing a theme song for an online cooking show if the internet didn't exist? Even if I had, could I have ever found the answer as quickly and painlessly by going to the library as I did online? No way.

Ah the wonders of technology.

And I think Mr./Ms. Pouches is still to young to tell.

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