Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More on eatin' weeds and 'shrooming

This morning I went looking for the elusive, delicious, rarity... morels.

From Wikipedia: "Morels grow abundantly in the two and sometimes three years immediately following a forest fire.

Although no symbiotic relationships have been proven between morels and certain tree species, experienced morel hunters swear by these relationships. Trees commonly associated with morels include ash, sycamore, tulip tree, dead and dying elms, cottonwoods and old apple trees (remnants of orchards). Yellow morels (Morchella esculenta) are more commonly found under deciduous trees rather than conifers, but black morels (Morchella elata) can be found in decidous forests, oak and poplar. Morels have not yet been successfully farmed on a large scale, and the commercial morel industry is largely based on harvest of wild mushrooms."

I did not find any.

BUT-it turned out to be okay. I found some lambs quarters and a whole field of garlic mustard.

And fresh catnip. Will be going back to collect more tomorrow.

P.S. Some great Morel Info. Also the MorelMasters are based in Southern Wisconsin.

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