Saturday, August 22, 2009

Still exploring

I am sitting in my "office" in the front porch of the cabin on Lake Waubesa, contemplating the cool blue sky, the rich dark green of the trees on the opposite shore, the calm alternating blue ripples of the lake and our own overgrown grass lawn, sparkling green with dew in the morning sunshine.

DMV and I have been house hunting, which is like saying "wanna look at pictures of my kids?" in terms of keeping anyone's interest. I have been disappointed to say the least in a lot of the "help" I've been getting from realtors. Also, not a lot of my friends and family have shared any sorts of experiences that can help-some have, but I'm desperate for more stories. I have posted a plea on my social networking sites so we'll see, but really, I find more houses than the realtor's do, and know more about them, and how to get to them, and keep a schedule, and communicate better. It's very frustrating.

I wish I had time to go sample cheese at the Dane County farmer's market. Have only gone once this year and that was in May. I also wish I'd had time to go to Patrick McCredy at the Rathskeller last night, but it made more sence to come home and fry smelt. Which I did. They turned out delicious, but I think I was eating 3x batter to 1x fish.

We have the trolling motor and our flat bottom jon boat, the Hal Fiskur (the name is a corruption of the Icelandic dried fish) here, which I would love to take out on the lake. Right now it's looking like we might be able to tomorrow before we go pick up Lu at MKE.

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