Monday, July 19, 2010

How do people write?

I wonder some times how people write. What is their setup, their schedule? I am thinking right now of a friend blogger who always seems to find time to put together well thought out, finely edited, timely and topical posts. I am also thinking of professional writers who find time to blog, as well as fly off to do signings, panel appearances and the like.

I'm working to fit blogging back into my schedule, while also writing articles and the occasional fiction fun (oh and working on the house, planning my next move, and working at my rather eccentric day job).

I'm also reading-right now, an issue of Time Magazine from October 2009 all about Detroit. Which to me is very topical since I just returned from there. Time was, back those nine months ago, embarking on a year long investigation of the Motor City's decline, and attempted rebound. I'm still reading the article, but one notion that popped out at me was that, whatever happens to Detroit, once the 4th largest city in the country, will say a lot about how the United States will move forward. I'm hoping for the best, but silent crisis are hard to fix.

My trip to Detroit was to help my uncle who is moving to Texas soon. Given the chance, he would love to remain in his small bungalow off of Telegraph Road (his plan was to putter around his retirement fixing it up), but cancer has changed all that and he is moving to be closer to family. The neighborhood around him is strong, the neighbors very caring-I wish them the best. As I do my Uncle Ron.

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