Thursday, August 05, 2010

Coffee and a Local Food Community Page on FB

So I mentioned in my post (and linked to) an article I read in Time a few months ago questioning the benefits of fair trade in regards to coffee producers. The local co-op just wrote an article about it too.

All that aside, I still want to try to do good. I just bought a pound of fresh roasted Guatemalan coffee from the local coffee shop, ground for drip. When I used to live in a certain West coast city, the local java shack would ask me if I had a flat bottom or a cone shaped filter holder in my drip coffee pot and that made me unreasonably upset. I don't know why. Maybe because it couldn't have mattered that much, if no other place ever asks... just one of the issues I had with that town.

The "Eat Local Challenge" has a Facebook page - already I have posted a question re: most local beer eveer. Me thinks the rub lies within the sourcing of hops (as this Capitol Brewery blog post goes into.) A local company with the name "Gorst Valley" is attempting to provide hops for brewing - and - lo and behold - they are located near my adopted town of Mazomanie.

In other news - and I may be linking to a lot of co-op articles, but they're giving me a lot of info - here is a list of vendors of local ingredients. I was asking about oil, and this points out Driftless Organic's sunflower oil. Still gotta find a cereal purveyor.

Oh, and in case you care, last night I had chicken wings and mixed veggies for dinner and this morning I resorted to peanut butter toast. Lunch was veggies and a cookie. Supper - leftover curry.

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