Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Local pot lucks

So far I have been experimenting the last 2 days with local food eatings.

Breakfast: Toast + cream cheese + blackberries (I usually have peanutbutter toast)
Snack: Cut up veggies (need to find / make local dressing
Lunch: Ring bologna + mustard (Slimm & Nunne Sweet Hot)- need to find local sauerkraut.
Dinner: Curry - not local - but goooood. Rice + onions, olive oil, garlic, carrots, yam + tomato, zucchini, vinegar, curry powder.

Second day =
Breakfast: is there a local cereal?
Snack: Homemade oatmeal cookie
Lunch: See yesterday
Dinner: we'll see...
So far, I'm a toe in the waterer (at least one ingredient).

There are three planned Pot Lucks I really want to be a part of - Aug 17, Aug 31 and some time in Sept. On August 12, the co-op sponsoring the challenge will have a "seasonal food wheel" program I might go to.

In the mean time, searching out to see if anyone else is blogging about this.

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