Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 3

Exercise –

Pilates to “Spider Riders”

Breakfast –

Toast with cream cheese and black raspberry jam

Lunch –

Leftover dinner from last night

Din – Cojack panini on their own homemade bread from Better Buzz in Arena (home of Arena cheese, which in turn is the "Home of Co-Jack!")

Finally made it to the Co-op to pick up my packet of stuff for the Challenge. Oh and I shopped!

That's soft white wheat berries in the bag (currently soaking on the stove, hope to cook them tomorrow morn.) Westby butter, shallots, Japanese eggplant and mushrooms all grown in WI. I also bough red mustard greens (I think that's what they are). Never had them and don't know how that will go when I cook them but will try. Best find was a big lump of stew bone for $3 something from Black Earth Meats. The biggest "splurge" was $9 for 1/2 a chicken(!) My mom would be so disappointed in me. She raises her own fryers and gives me one or two for free! Still, I think I can make it last for at least three different dishes, which will each last me a couple of days. I hope not to have to do another "big shop" except for supplementals throughout the challenge (that what you see above cost almost $70).

And... I cheated - I have always waned to try kombucha tea, especially since it was yanked from the shelves back in June due to reports that it can contain alcohol. I know tea is not local, nor is it on my list, but I went ahead and got elder clover seasonal from Nessalla. Wow! It was as foreign and bizarre a drink as it sounds! And looks.

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