Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 8

Breakfast = Offered pancakes, maple syrup

Lunch = Johnsonville Brat, non-local potato bacon soup, local and non-local party food: home-prepared dips, non native pretzels, home grown cukes and tomatoes, conventional baby carrots, local deviled eggs made with non-local mayo etc.

Dinner = Offered burgers, hot dogs, chips, dip, melon

Exercise = none

I went to a family picnic this weekend. Keeping a food diary has pointed out to me how much other people feed me! I had a great time. Also, eating deviled eggs made by my mom from eggs laid by her own three chickens (the whites were not smooth and round due to the shells sticking to them after boiling since they were so fresh), I couldn't help but be glad I had access to such wonderful things. Especially in the wake of the egg recall. I heard that around a BILLION eggs have been recalled, and are traceable to TWO FARMS. No doubt most of them were purchased for .59-.89 / dz. That just does not add up in my mind. As a consumer, I feel certain things should have worth, and a dozen eggs to me is worth around $3. If I can get it for cheaper, I don't think I'm getting a great deal, I think "what shortcuts were taken that this company can offer eggs that cheap?"

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