Sunday, September 19, 2010



It's over.

What did I learn?

Before that, what did I eat today?

Breakfast = I whipped up some cinnamon puffs, celebrating the ability to once again use nutmeg and white and brown sugar! I used some of the rest of my pancake mix, an egg and some milk. I also used some canola oil. Now that the challenge is over, I hope to be able to find some local sunflower oil on the shelves of the co-op, since the times I was there, it was sold out!

Lunch = Funny enough, I had planned, during my last shopping trip, to make local soup from the bones of the chicken I bought. Instead of carrots, I bought local parsnips. Instead of celery, I bought a local celeriac bulb. So I chopped up some onion and garlic, added the celeriac, parsnips, a red potato, treated myself to some pepper, and threw in some cooked rice that has been sitting in my freezer for a while. I took some of my pumpkin bread and topped them with cubes of cheese and put it under the broiler. Ta da!

Plus, I still have some chopped chicken left for a casserole.

Dinner = Blue corn chips, cheddar cheese, leftover spicy taco meat mixed with my mother-in-laws "dem der beans" which are a type of sweet baked beans. Lettuce and cabbage, yogurt, and PACE SALSA!!! Yes, I really didn't like the cranberry salsa. It was too sweet.

So that I suppose brings us to what I didn't get to do:
- I didn't make salsa
- I didn't make sauerkraut after I found out - duh - you need salt
- I didn't collect my own yeast
- I didn't make chili because I never found any local beans
- I didn't exercise nearly enough.
- I wanted to buy a ton of sweet corn and make some chowder and corn relish. Didn't happen.

And what did I do - what did I learn?

I really will think twice, at least for a while, about where stuff comes from. I also don't think I missed salt as much as I thought I would. The soup I made tonight probably could have done with a sprinkle, but it didn't need it. I didn't need the carrots or celery either :-)

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