Thursday, September 08, 2011


“Late nights and early parades, Still photos and noisy arcades. My darling we're both on the wing look down and keep on singing and we can go anywhere ...” ~ Owl City



Another reason not too get too smashed on your way to Saturday is 1.) you either have to get up early, get your costume on, and MARCH mofo, or 2.) you have to get up early, struggled to find a spot, and SPECTATE yo. Atlanta – the city with the 9th largest metropolitan population in the country - thank you for shutting down your downtown for a bunch of nerds.

Dr. Who sent a text to his mom from inside the parade. She wrote back, “Is that protest or dragoncon? Looks like fun!”

He was also trying to become the 4square mayor of DragonCon. “ – it’s like facebook without facebook. It makes it really easy to stalk people.”

Yellow Boxes, Unite!

Before the Parade ended, we went to take a dip in the pool. It was pretty great - we were the only ones there at first. Well, until the snowtroopers showed up.

We got into costumes and went roaming.

Stuff we did:
10am - Parade
2:30pm - Ernest Borgnine
- 8pm (yeah right!) Gonzoroo – Sylvester McCoy playing spoons
Stuff we didn’t do:
1pm Eating in a box – Bento 101
4pm – Cosplay contest
530 Everything Neil Gaiman
730 – 11pm Dcon at the aquarium – Donnie said he wouldn’t go unless I could promise him a “Pacu carrying an octopus in it’s mouth.”
8pm – comic book babes contest (We did watch some of it in the hotel Dcon channel – it was pretty bad, but it wasn’t like the Dawn contest that apparently has now been put to bed. in 2009 this beautiful woman fell out of an egg on stage. )

My sister and her bfriend went as a film Judge Dread pair.

We ran into a comic version (green)

His robe is made of Crown Royal Bags

Drank a Hells Bells beer and a “Pond Stout” – homebrewed. Changed costumes and went to see Jonathan Coulton. And Paul and Storm ("Any sound from the piano" is my Billy Joel cover band.)

Well, first we tried to find the end of the line to see Jonathan Coulton. And then we got food, and then we stood in line from 7:49pm – 9:19pm, most of the time outside in the swelter.

Meanwhile, back in the room, Brock was getting naked and killing things.


Sunday = Left Hotel at 4pm, after helping my sister become a zombie Molotov Cocktease (first of the 10 steps of zombification: aggravation).

Read “The missing white dragon” on the way home.

We had made fun the whole drive up about all the signs which state “Chick-Fil-A – closed on Sunday.” I have yet to go to a Chick-Fil-A and so we were going to stop there for lunch…

But it was Sunday.

There are certain aspects of DragonCon that are utterly and fantastically amazing, while others that are twelve parts overwhelming

If you have a large group, coordination is a bear. If you have people who are poor, then they are at a disadvantage. If you have people with a low alcohol tolerance, well…

And four days is really not that long.

The Man as Tintin, or Mr. Wizard.

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