Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Keep Dcon With You, All Through The Year - Part II

When Dcon is over,
Save some Dragon cheer.
These precious moments,
Hold them very dear
And keep Dcon with you
All through the year.

Friday – Later – Mau5heads

Con suite – chips and salsa. I remember the first time I went to a con suite and I thought it was so cool. A whole room devoted to free snacks for the masses! How could a convention of 40,000+ manage to do this, I wondered aloud.

“$120 per membership,” my sister said.

She also told me that the gaming room is kept at 60 degrees. The same as a jail.

Interesting. The Conscene seems to be learning and evolving. I remember back a number of years ago when I was tagged as being extreme to the max when I discovered Febreeze could be used to control costume odor. Now they print in the con book, “Febreeze does not replace showers.” (Honestly though, when you have 8 people sharing one bathroom, and there is a limited amount of time before the meetup, and you have to budget for the fucking elevator wait, you have to make some tough choices.) Another roomie, who has been to a number of Anime cons, pointed out that there is a difference between otaku nerding vs. other nerds (such as the Dr. Who contingency which was ever-present and very well dressed / bathed / coiffed at Dcon).

Timing. Honestly, at DragonCon25, as much as I sooo wanted to, there was just no time to get wasted. As I stated in my last post, I not only had travel/drive time to contend with, but also I know I need sleep to keep me healthy. We were very well covered on all fronts for food – both surrounded by restaurants, caf├ęs with amazingly good (if not horrifically expensive) sandwiches, and we had packed some nutrient dense treats to tide us over when we finally did make it up to the 19th floor (Sakuracon is probably the only convention I have ever been at where elevator travel was not the bane of my existence.)

Okaaaay, the Zombies return back after reaching the end of the march (it dumped out into Zombie Prom which somehow was already at capacity by the time the zombies got there. WTF?) The plan for many in the room was to don Deadmau5 helms and photobomb the "300" photoshoot. I think it was a success.

DragonCon and San Diego Comicon have an interesting rivalry / appreciation. I heard DragonCon refered to as “Comicon’s slutty sister – dirtier and more fun.” When Comicon installed a blooddrive, Dragoncon followed suit and a contest has been going to see which con can collect the most blood units. When Comicon released an app, DragonCon had one this year.

The anime roomie chirps up, “When I try to access the app on my 3G iPhone, it shits itself.”

Time for sleep. The man decides to roam a bit more and finds two short films to watch, Abra Cadaver and Some Guy Who Kills People. He also find the Three Amigos.

Dangers of a con – you fall asleep with 4 people in the room, and when you walk up, there are four different people in the room. Or they are the same people in costume so you just think they are different.



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