Thursday, November 24, 2011


Well it finally hit me. I got sick from bad sushi, or pent up stress. I wasn’t stressed out on vacation, but all the planning, the experiencing, it can take a toll. Had some coffee and a banana for breakfast. It was kinda fun – we watched the Packer game from 8am-11am before we checked out of the hotel. We headed out, returned the flippers to the rental place and went to the airport.

I took a nap under a bench (one bad thing about the airport is that they have bars on the benches so you can’t lay down). DMV had the only loco moco of the trip and said it was pretty good. I was sad I didn’t even get to see it!

On the plane home, DMV had a ham salad sandwich we bought the night before and a diet coke. I made myself some tasty kimchee ramen in my new Hawaii themed travel mug with some hot water the flight attendant brought me. I also had a sprite. And we shared some mac-nut lavash with Puna  goat cheese and some dried apricots. Time for sleep now.

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