Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Woke. Tossed and turned. Made coffee. Almost out of milk.

Took a bath – this vacation had me, for the first time in I-can’t remember-how-long not bathing 2 days in a row. Too much to do! Fascinating, and a bit disturbing. Trying to do the minimum amount of care – sunscreen, moisturizer, coconut lip balm. Stretches.

Lunch was more picnic stuff and we ate the lichees.DMV had a boat.

We watched a turtle eating slime off a rock. What an awkward animal! So wrongly put together. And they live for so long!

We walked around, then sat at the pool for a while. Saw a giant feral cat I decided was "the king."

We decided to treat ourselves, it being our last full day on the island, to some sushi. Unfortunately, we picked a bad place / day / menu items. DMV had a good salad of greens, but then he had some strange non-Japanese chicken bits that tasted like buffalo wings. We thought they’d be some sort of spicy tempura or something. He got a Hawaiian roll that was made with cooked, well seasoned fish and fresh pineapple. It was good, but small - only a little bit longer than your index finger! I got some salmon egg roe that was a little off, no quail egg, and some tuna that also seemed old. The Momokowa Pearl Sake helped sooth out the evening.

 Next door, we could see a grey cat sleeping in the background of the bookstore sign.

 We did a little shopping that night and lo and behold! We found some Hawaiian goat cheese! I can’t wait to eat in on our return plane picnic.

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