Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The most magical places in Sparta, WI

 Ok so one is right outside of Sparta - home of my Aunt and Uncle. 

My view waking up in the second story spare bedroom after a gentle snow sprinkle the night before. The day before, we had visited an Amish goat farm (I will be uploading a review here soon.) 

Throughout the weekend, I found myself continually speaking in cross purposes and eventually I started to record them:

Word ---My meaning ---Misunderstood as---
Groom - man getting married - person taking care of a horse
Well done - meat cooked until no longer pink - well prepared
Wedding site - wedding webpage - place for a wedding
Wedding party - group of people inc. bride, groom, bridesmaids etc. - a party thrown for a wedding
Wedding show - expo - tv program
Mini - a car - a miniature horse
Kids - children - baby goats
Colon - punctuation - lower intestine
Tender - not tough - one who tends

A stack of books near the bed in the spare bedroom. 

I also made a list of animals that are proving to be ecological "canaries in the coalmine" as far as being very environmentally sensitive. They also all sort of relate to each other as they are not "charismatic megafauna" and few human beings probably even notice that they are in trouble.

These hats, my Aunt's, are headed to the second magical place - Wild Woman Clothing

The store has recently relocated after 10 years in Wilton, Wisconsin (pop. 519) and is now located in an old theater (I believe "The Classic"?) There is a light-up marquee (light up marquis-ha!) out front, a few poster holders, and the remnant of an old ticket booth in the lobby. That's the lobby above, complete with gilded peacock on the duvet.

Once you step inside, it is just overwhelming. And the proprietess laments, "there is nothing in here" - meaning that she has only begun to fill the space. 

Needless to say, the hats found a good home.

Kimonos on the wall.
Fancy, funky shoes in sizes that actually fit people's feet!

The fantastic Dress - recently rented by a drag queen who wore it to a convention. I believe he was a Lutheran Financial Planner from Eau Claire.

Another strange sort of symbol kept appearing throughout the weekend, from the lunch location in Onalaska where my Dad and sister and I went, to the box my Uncle sent some of his homebrew home with me in, to the CSA near my friend's house (which she might volunteer for.) What does it mean?

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