Monday, January 28, 2013

"They Might Be Giants Cosplay?"

My husband is a big fan of They Might Be Giants, as am I (as evidenced by my vanity plate.)

We both enjoyed their album Join Us and the videos posted on You Tube in answer to a contest to create a music video to the first song: Can't Keep Johnny Down. The winner is pretty funny.

HOWEVER, the one that caught our eye was one by an artist named AKAcronny

He made all the costumes himself. And so I now have a pair of bunny slippers and some neat skeleton tights. Score.He looked up a how-to on papier-mâché (mostly guys making Deadmau5 heads). We found that the fewer the layers, the more flexible and therefore less likely to crack the head was. 

Here is another video just for fun:


CannonMan said...

I was wondering what the hell those were from. If he's not a regular at anime cons he certainly seemed to fit right in.

The Morganator said...

I love that TMBG video I cant stop watching it - it should have won the competition. said...

Anyone know which town AKAcronny
shot the " Can't Keep Johny down "
video in ?
That song is a giant [in our hearts]
TMBG rules....

Anonymous said...

Lolz I love it when jonny the blue skined guy's mouth moves I love how his mouth moved he looked computer animated in the can't keep jonny down music video XD XD XD XD some dude hitting golf balls on the moon bathroom in his pants he scowels at the dude that has the book jonny the blue skined guy wanted

Anonymous said...

It had really good effects but they didn't put any thought in to story or demonstrate any understanding of the song.