Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some other articles

I wrote my Top 5 Nuggets of Advice for 2013 from the Last 5 “Top” Lists I Read as a new year exercise, but since then, I have thought it might be useful to share some other articles I have gleaned advice from recently (note: the articles themselves are not necessarily recent):

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre Entrepreneurs
Fav line? "My initial judgement when I meet or even see people is this: I hate you."

This newsletter has 2 good articles:
"Do you have the right team chemistry on your team" - pg. 15
"6 steps to do more with less with team building" - pg. 11

Here's a fun WebMD form to fill out! Some of the things are a little vauge ("get deeply involved in some activity" --like...?) but it actually helped me realize that I had some coping skills, such as:
  • Listen to music (LOUD!)
  • Write prose or poetry
  • Exercise (although it usually backfired with me having heart palpitations)
  • Take a nap (great if you have time, and as long as it isn't "hang out in bed forever cuz you can't face the world")
  • Get out, enjoy nature
  • Do physical labor
  • Other: "Hey Dude, let's go bowling."
 Facebook is Fine, But Here Are 10 Ways to Network in the Real World


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