Tuesday, March 05, 2013

19 Things To Stop Doing In Your 20s article


The above article was posted to Facebook by a roller derby enthusiast, who made mention of the fact that many of the items on the list could equally apply to Life or Derby.

Some gems (and I think the title could have been 19 things to stop doing ... whenever) - somewhat paraphrased:
  • Stop trying to get away with work that is "good enough"
  • Don't procrastinate risky, innovative decisions. Make drastic change
  • Stop being stingy - explore what is important and start spending your money on it
 The list came from a group made up of a bunch of male college friends, "The Buried Life," an MTV show and a book. And so while I like #1 (if you don't do something well, you shouldn't be doing it at all), I also think doing something is better than doing nothing a lot of the time. So what if I am not the greatest ever blogger? Is it a waste of my time to share my thoughts? We can't all be the best at everything we do (see article on mediocrity.)

#2 (above now, not in the actual article) strikes me as very MTV--but, isn't there something to be said to having a steady paycheck and getting into a 401k early? Yeah, not really "fun" per se, but aren't we always being bombarded about how stupid we are if we only look at the present condition, and how horrible humans are at planning for risk in the future? Then, if we actually set up our lives to prepare for ones future self at the sacrifice of present day acquisitions (#3, although I did buy some books I'd been procrastinating on after reading this), we are berated for not living life to the fullest!

I guess I should just join Derby so I can figure this all out.    

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