Monday, March 21, 2016

Snowidow Report - Tyrol Basin, Mt Horeb, WI

Who: The Who is me, Sarah B.
But in wintertime, I am the happy Snowidow, free as a bird, or whatever animal finds happiness in the chilly white wonderland, to cozy up into any chalet bar, content to slurp hot cocoa (or something harder) and let my computer dine on free wi-fi while my significant other cuts through the slopes of fresh powder, or whatever.
This is the introductory posting of the Snowidow Report. I hope to visit all the major ski hills in Wisconsin and report out not on the condition of the hills, nor necessarily the level of expertise needed to challenge the black diamond. No, my focus will be on what I find important; namely, the resort bar and amenities. So lets get the inauguration going!
NOTE: These reports will be dated, and amended as I revisit or gain new information. Please let me know of any requests, errors, or updates, thanks!
What: Tyrol Basin
Tyrol Basin is a relatively small but reliable ski resort in the rural farmlands of Wisconsin. It consists of 16 runs over 30 acres and a chalet located in a renovated barn from the 1900s.

The hill stretches out from a base elevation of 870 feet to a top elevation of 1,130ft (per Wikipedia). It has one of the top 5 terrain Parks in the Midwest according to Snowboarding Transworld. There is no attached resort for hotels, but it’s not far from Mt Horeb, Verona, or Madison, WI. They host a number of ski and snowboard races throughout the season. Like most places in Wisconsin, it is family friendly (and they serve beer).

Where: 3487 Bohn Road, Mount Horeb (Troll capital of the world) WI
Google map
When: 3/6/2015 – at the end of the very loooong cooooold season that also brought very little snow to the Midwest.
The details:
“Our cafe offers cooked to order burgers, hotdogs, loaded nachos, breakfast and much more!” – from website
Little cafeteria downstairs from the bar.
In a nutshell: “The Tyrol bar is home to the Tyrol Bloody Mary.  We also offer beer buckets, plenty of Wisconsin craft beers and our Tyrol Punch.” – from website
This is the bar with the wall of skis.

We came on a Friday afternoon – not quite in time for the late night rate that really draws ‘em in, but not at the peak rate either. I found myself a seat next to the line of other like-minded brunettes and logged into the wi-fi.

There is all but zero cell reception, and the wi-fi was also weak and somewhat spotty, but I was able to watch some videos and listen to music.
The beer selection was pretty good, and I ordered the Winter Skal on nitro. Wasn’t quite sure how that was gonna go, but it was as smooth as silk.

At the bar, I saw a tally list on a chalkboard labeled “Wall of Fall” - the bartender had been keeping track of how many skiers, with their preposterous Frankenstein boots, ate it on the hardwood floor. Apparently he eventually convinced those in charge of such things to purchase some safety rugs.
I counted 1 TV, 1 juke box and 1 pinball machine (South Park).

Overall Snowidow score: 3 of 5 - dandy use of a day off

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