Sunday, February 07, 2016

Exploding kittens and goats

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So perhaps you have heard of a certain card game Kickstarter that has gone balistic.
I have enjoyed reading this crowd-funding-that-could story from a marketing and fundraising viewpoint. The people involved (two designers and a famous comic artist) were very smart to focus on very few but very clear perks (donate $20 bux to make this card game, and you get a copy of this card game.) They may have set their initial sights too low ($10,000) and didn't plan out enough "stretch goals" (in case, like it did, the campaign surpassed it's goal.)
  • Apparently, they reached their initial goal in 8 minutes.
  • Then, over 120,000 donors broke a Kickstarter record.
  • And they have now made over $5M.
I have also enjoyed watching from a goat supporter's standpoint. Goats have been in it to win it from the beginning, with an all-seeing Goat wizard able to help you, and later, the release of a goat butt that lets you see into the future.
(Granted, that is a mountain goat, not a true goat, but who's counting.)
The group was taking suggestions for other cards on Facebook recently, and I added a few caprine ideas. Who wants to bet if there will be more goaty magic to come?

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