Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I just watched a train wreck of a tv show

Seems really funny that my first post in ages is about Hell's Kitchen. Well it is.

I just finished watching the 2 part season opener. Why? Well I already watched my movie rentals (despite them being good for 5 days-whoops) of "The Wedding Planner" and "I Me My Strawberry Eggs." I was multitasking-cooking, cleaning the kitchen floor, picking up cat-yak from the couch and catching up on computer stuff. I really just wanted something on in the background. Started out with Venture Bros and ended up with Gordon Ramsey.

Yes that show is really bad. It's rude and painfully sexist, reinforcing dirty phrases and angry thoughts that I'm much more comfortable ignoring. But still, like an explosion or a burning building, I can't help but be entranced by the whole sordid ballet.

Chef Ramsey says just the most horrible things to people who most of the time are egotistical jerks, but don't deserve the kind of abuse he shells. Most of the mistakes they make are really not that bad (I've eaten raw scallops before.) But where things turn into real interest for me is when the beaten strike back, like wounded, cornered animals. How far can he push them? Will it be the girl he calls Dumbo? The guy he calls stupid? The other guy he throws food at? And, when they do crack, what will they resort to? I think it has been proven it is impossible to shout the guy to death. This episode ended with someone threatening fisticuffs. Ah me.

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