Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 1!


Biked to the nude beach and back


- Coffee with milk

- Red potatoes fried in butter with onion, chive, thyme and parsley, topped with an egg

Notes: already found out that I am not going to be using as much butter as would be necessary to keep things from sticking to the bottom of a cast iron pan. I went camping recently and made 4 scrambled eggs (be sure to add water when mixing) in a cast iron pan over a campfire. It worked out really well, but I had to use almost 4 tablespoons of butter.

Snack –

Offered berries (cherry, black, blue)

Lunch –

Offered cheese pizza (Home Run Inn)

Minhas beer

Notes: I wondered what I would do when I was first offered some food during the “Eat Local Challenge”, and I found out the very first day. Socialization so many times revolves around food that it doesn’t make sense to derail an offering. I’m not in a position to pack food wherever I go – even though I did bring extra sandwiches and chips when I came to this friend’s house to await word on my car that is currently being worked on. I offered, but she had been saving the pizza for when she had visitors so I partook.

Snack –

Offered BBQ chips

Minhas beer

Notes: Minhas is brewed and canned in Monroe, WI and is dirt cheep. Already my delicate harmony of eating “local, organic, fair trade, nutritious, simple, food within my budget” is being threatened. As is my inclination towards my few vices, such as beer. I will try harder to purchase a beer that perhaps only uses hops that aren’t from WI (in that case, I’d probably look for one that comes from this country.)

Dinner –

Summer sausage and sharp cheddar sandwich with beer and brat mustard

Chips, yogurt and salsa

Notes: I have purchased fresh ground flour and bread from The Old Feed Mill since I moved to Mazo last year. I knew they had used organic wheat from this place area in the past, and so on Saturday when I went there and bought two ½ lb. round loafs, I asked them if their wheat was still coming from there. No, I found out, it is from Otter Creek that grows it in a field near Taliesin (about 10 miles from my house). Score!

Questions: should I assume all milk is local?­­

- Will eating unripe apples really upset your stomach?

Few exceptions:

- Leavening (yeast, baking soda-may try to make a starter by collecting local yeast, or find where baking soda comes from)

- salt already existent in items (no table salt or pepper to be added, but if I buy salted chips made from local blue corn it’s ok)

- coffee

- hops

- can eat things offered to me by other people

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