Monday, September 06, 2010

Day 23

Breakfast - Mom's eggs scrambled with herbs, Straka bacon, fried red potatoes.

Lunch - Okay -- MAJOR FAIL! --- Went to the Iowa County Fair specifically to see the Goat Costume Class and Agility Contest (i.e. pushing goats up and down ramps). You can read about it on my Goatmaiden blog. Anyway, I not only got Deep Fried OREOS, but I specifically carried them around for about 15 minutes until I found a Schwann ice cream stand that would ladle a scoop of vanilla on top. OMG. Pure hedonism. But it was the Fair, what was I suppose to do? ;-)

Snack - Beer. Numerous types. Including Horny Goat Exposed and Red Vixen Vienna Style Lager.

Dinner - Okay I guess Labor Day was one big fail. I bought a Hot Stuff Supreme self-rising crust Pizza from the bodega up the street. I was rather horrified to find that it had over 100 ingrediants listed. I was surprised to see sheep's milk on the list, beet powder and "oleoresin of paprika."

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